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BBL Gummies

BBL Gummies

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  • What are BBL Gummies?

BBL gummies are butt enhancement gummies, that helps grow your hips and butt. 60 gummies come in a bottle.

  • What do they taste like? 

Our gummies are fruit flavored. 

  • Can you take them while pregnant?

Please don’t take these gummies while pregnant or breastfeeding.

  • How do these gummies work?

Our gummies are to be taken twice a day please eat while taking them, for better results please do at least 5-10 squats daily. 

  • When do we see results?

If you’re taking our gummies twice a day and doing your daily 5-10 squats, you will see results in 2 weeks. Keep in mind that everyone’s body isn’t the same and for other results may show after 2 weeks.

  • Can we take these while taking medication?

Please ask your doctor if you are allowed to take our gummies with your medication before buying or taking our gummies.